Premium tickets

Premium tickets

Premium tickets give you an extra experience while enjoying a wide range of our concerts and shows. Premium gives you dedicated entrance and tapas and drinks served in informal and pleasant surroundings in our Premium area.

Premium tickets include:

  • The ticket for the event (seating)
  • Dedicated entrance
  • Access to our Premium area with bar and seating areas
  • Tapas

Premium tickets are suitable for most people – individuals, groups, and small and large businesses.

Sold out events may still have available Premium tickets. Feel free to get in touch for a non-binding conversation and/or tour. A Premium order needs to be a minimum of 4 tickets.

For more information and booking, send an email to

The price will vary based on the ticket price for different events. Drinks are not included in the price.

We offer own Premium menus for children at children’s events, read more about this by clicking here.

Premium agreement

A Premium agreement is an offer for companies that want to secure Premium tickets to our shows and concerts. The agreement is invoiced annually and let companies book a predetermined number of Premium tickets through the year, with a minimum ticket quota of 30 tickets.

For more information and booking, send an email to