Premium tickets children’s events

Oslo Spektrum adapts the Premium menu to the youngest children, age limit 12 years:

  • At Putti Plutti Pott, rice porridge, red juice and gingerbread are offered.
  • At Disney On Ice we offer mini burgers, drinks and goody bags.
  • Sausages and goody bags are also one of the children’s favorite menus.

For children who do not want a children’s menu or who are over 12 years old, we can offer:

  • Taco wrap with cheese, paprika and sour cream (sour cream in a bowl next to it) (milk)
  • «Club Sandwich» with chicken and tomato (gluten, egg)
  • Crispy vegetables with herbal dip (milk)
  • Lefse with smoked salmon and cream cheese (gluten, fish, milk)
  • Miniburger with country chicken (gluten)
  • Fried potato boats with homemade ketchup
  • Focaccia (gluten)
  • Aioli (egg)

Contact for an offer.

A minimum order is four (4) people with the same menu.