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To get notified when new events occur in Oslo Spektrum and when tickets are put out for sales, you can subscribe to Oslo Spektrum’s newsletter. The newsletter is sent out whenever new events are made public.

Oslo spektrum send out newsletters to three different groups. Subscribe to the newsletter best suited for you!

Regular newsletter
By subscribing to the regular newsletter you will be notified about all coming events in Oslo Spektrum.

Group newsletter
The group newsletter is suitable for those who want to purchase tickets for 15 people or more. The newsletter notifies you of upcoming sales starts on coming events where group sales are possible. Be aware that not all events allow for group orders, but have a limit at 4-6 tickets per person.

Premium newsletter
The Premium newsletter lets you know about coming sales starts and includes information about our Premium offers and tickets. These premium tickets include food, designated entrance and access to the Premium area. A minimum purchase of 4 Premium tickets is required.

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