Oslo Spektrum works towards being able to arrange for everyone who visits our arena to be able to make environmentally friendly choices, whether they are audience members, concert organisers, artists, event agencies or our own employees. We were recertified as Miljøfyrtårn in 2022 and work continuously to incorporate environmentally friendly measures in all parts of our operation.

One of our main focuses today is waste sorting, both among our own employees and visitors. We sort all waste generated internally, and also have a significant focus on this at events such as conferences and fairs, in collaboration with organizers. At events such as concerts, musicals, shows, stand-up and theater, we sort plastic glasses which are sent for recycling. We also try to limit waste from our kiosks and bars by, for example, limiting the use of plastic items and using environmentally friendly alternatives where possible.

Oslo Spektrum collaborates with Infinitum and Ringnes about a deposit scheme for plastic glasses for beer. Used glasses are collected and then sent to Infinitum, where they are recycled. A significant part of our waste consists of plastic glasses for beer, and we often find that a lot of waste is left on the floor inside the hall after events. In order to improve our source sorting, we are now testing an environmental tax on plastic glasses when buying beer. The first time you buy a beer in one of our bars, you pay an environmental tax of NOK 10. If you want to buy a new unit later, you can take the beer glass back to the bar, where you will not have to pay the environmental tax again. The purpose of this measure is to get more members of the audience to take their beer glasses back from the hall, so that we can more easily sort them at source and send as many plastic glasses as possible for recycling.

Income from the environmental tax goes to cover costs related to improving our source sorting, such as for the purchase of equipment and costs related to personnel. Any surplus from the fee will be used to further develop our work with various environmental measures.

Going forward, we aim to find, among other things, more environmentally friendly alternatives for serving drinks and food, so that a larger part of our waste can be recycled.

More information about our environmental work will follow.