Dedicated wheelchair areas

Oslo Spektrum has separate areas dedicated to wheelchair users and their companion(s). These areas are rows 16 and 17 on both section 108 and 110, as well as row 1 on sections 201, 202, 217 and 218. The latter places are only put up for sale when the general sale is good enough to allow for opening up these sections of the arena.

Account has been taken of 5 wheelchair spaces and 5 companion spaces in row 17 at section 108, and correspondingly 5 wheelchair spaces and 5 companion spaces in row 17 at section 110. This row consists of empty floor space. Companions are assigned folding chairs of the same type that we set up for the floor seats. Here, 1 companion place per wheelchair is reserved. If there are more people accompanying you, the excess tickets should be ordered at row 16 in the same section. This way, you can sit together even if you are not in the same row. Row 16 is a normal seating row and therefore cannot be used for wheelchairs.

Row 16 can also be used by audience with other types of mobility impairments who need easy access. Wheelchair users with a location in section 108 or 110 are asked to use entrance 6. People accompanying a wheelchair user can use the same entrance.

On the 200-sections, wheelchair spaces are put out for sale as needed. Here too, there will be one seat available per wheelchair space for a companion. Places will be reserved for additional companions at row no. 2. Both of these rows consist of fixed seats, but with plenty of space in front of row 1. A wheelchair is placed in front of the chair seat, and the companion sits in a fixed seat. To ensure enough width for a wheelchair, the seat is not sold between two such wheelchair/companion pairs. Wheelchair users with a location in section 201, 202, 217 or 218 are asked to use entrance 1. People accompanying a wheelchair user can use the same entrance.

We cannot offer wheelchair spaces on the floor, as this is below ground level and only has access via stairs.

Ticket prices are determined by the promotor. As a general rule, you also pay full price for companion tickets to concerts and performances. Where there are several price levels at a performance and we cannot offer wheelchair places in all price levels, we recommend our promotors to place the wheelchair places in the lowest price level. However, this is not a rule.

Places for additional companions or companions are priced in the same way as other tickets in the same area.

Ticket booking
Ticketmaster has discontinued its call center and booking wheelchair seats can no longer be done by phone.

Tickets can be ordered via the contact form. You will then receive help with ordering and a response the following working day.

For certain events, you can also buy wheelchair tickets online. If online purchase is available, the link is under the button “other ticket types” on the information page of the event at www.oslospektrum.no. Online purchase will be available for most events that go on sale after February 2022. Please note that for a wheelchair space, one companion ticket can be ordered in the same row. If there are several people who are going together, the remaining tickets must be purchased from the “companion/disability-restricted” price category.

The places are not for sale together with the “regular” tickets to prevent people without mobility impairments from purchasing the seats.