Arena rules for the public

Here we have collected some rules and guidelines so that you as an audience member will have as good a concert or event experience as possible.

If you are wondering about something that is not answered below, please contact us by email.

Prohibited items

For the safety of guests, artists and staff, the following items are prohibited from being brought into the arena:

  • Photo camera with removable lens
  • Video recording equipment
  • Sound recording equipment
  • Selfie sticks
  • Tablets (tablets/iPads etc.)
  • Laser pens, flashlights or other light sources that may disturb other guests or performers
  • Pointed, sharp or heavy objects that could be a danger to others
  • Bottles, cans and other containers – including drink bottles (even if these are empty)
  • Gas containers, fireworks, etc.
  • Large luggage
  • Bring food/drinks/snacks
  • Chairs, stools, etc.
  • Masks or anything that covers the face
  • Umbrellas
  • Posters/banners with offensive or commercial messages
  • Animals (except guide dog)

In addition to the items above, the organizer will sometimes decide on other rules for what you can bring to the event. Information about this will then be provided in an info email to ticket buyers approx. a week before the event.

There are limited storage options for prohibited items in the arena. Valuable items that are not permitted to be taken into the arena can be handed over by the customer to Oslo Spektrum’s staff at the entrance. The object will then be taken care of, and the customer can pick it up after the concert on presentation of a collection slip. NB! This service is at the customer’s own responsibility and risk. Oslo Spektrum does not accept responsibility for loss/damage to these. We recommend that the customer themselves ensure safe storage outside the arena – e.g. in storage boxes at Oslo Central Station or Oslo bus terminal.

Items such as bottles, cans, umbrellas, alcohol etc. will not be stored.


We recommend that you always buy tickets through the official ticket suppliers. Buying tickets via a third party is associated with risk, as you cannot know whether the ticket you buy is valid. The official ticket supplier is listed on the event pages at

If you are refused entry to the arena due to invalid ticket purchased from an unofficial supplier/black market, the ticket will not be compensated.

The tickets are scanned electronically on the way into the arena. If you leave the arena after the ticket has been scanned, it is not possible to return at a later time. The ticket will then be invalid. If you have a special need to leave the arena temporarily – contact the staff in the entrance.

Security check / luggage

A security check will be carried out at the entrance to the arena. The security check for the various events will vary according to the security level decided by the organizer and artist. The security check may involve baggage checks, clothing checks and body searches.

The public is normally allowed to take a small bag/bag with them. Larger luggage is often not allowed. At certain events, the organizer will set other rules for brought luggage. It is the organizer and the artist who decide which baggage rules apply to the individual event. A cloakroom is available at selected events. Information about this will be provided in an info-mail to ticket buyers approx. a week before the event.

If you do not agree to the security check, you will be refused entry to the arena.


Smoking areas are available in designated areas outside the arena. If you leave the smoking area (walk on the outside of the barriers), you will not be allowed back in.

Expulsion from the arena

You may be refused entry or expelled from the arena if you:

  • Obviously under the influence of drugs
  • Smoking indoors – including the use of e-cigarettes
  • Refuses to be checked at the security checkpoint
  • Refuse to leave prohibited items
  • Behave in a way that disturbs or bothers other guests or performers
  • Do not comply with instructions from the staff if you stay in stairs or emergency exits
  • Crossing barricades or other boundaries to the stage, technical areas etc.
  • Violates Norwegian law

If you are expelled from the arena, the ticket will not be compensated.